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Henry Apr 17

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Jessie Jan 24
Today is day one and I plan on going on a fast for 14 days to reset my homeostasis weight set point.  What most people do not understand is your weight set point.  When you try to lose weight, you hit a plateau.  Then the cravings are crazy and you find yourself overeating and going back up to your original weight.  Plus some weight.  Every time you do this, you are setting your set point higher and higher until you just say screw it, I will never lose weight.  

To set a weight set point, you need insulin.  Everytime you eat, your body releases insulin. That keeps your weight set point in check.  Its like your thermostat in your house.  Set it for 72F and no matter what, your house will try to keep it at that temperature.  What if you put a portable heater in your living room and turned it on full blast?  Your air conditioner will turn on and try to get it back to 72F. So, why wouldnt you just change your thermostat to a more comfortable temperature?

 What if you left your windows open during the winter because you were too hot?  Your heater would blast trying to get it back to 72F.  Why would you not just set your thermostat to a more comfortable temperature? 

I mean, you can not pay your gas bill and your heater will not work. But that does not work in the long run.  Not paying your electric bill will cause your AC to not work but that is just silly.  Fasting is just a way to pay the bills and keep the thermostat where you want it.  Perfect.  Body of a god perfect.

That is what I am trying to do with fasting.  Resting my internal thermostat that keeps my weight in check.  Stop fighting yourself with not paying your gas bill or electric bill.  Yo

Fasting has been done for as long as the human race has been around.  Eat when there is food, and survive with our fat storage when there is none.  40 days and 40 nights without food.  Happens all the time in history.  We can survive.  Our body uses fat storage and not muscle as most people think because of myths.  If your body started to eat muscle before the fat, then the human race would not have survived as long as it has.  

Body of a God Project will explore the myths and truths of losing weight, being healthy and having the body we all want.  Join for free at and watch what people are doing in 2017

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